CMIP5 List of Useful Documents:

1. The CMIP5 Experiment Design - see Experiment Design page.

2. The List of Requested Variables - see Data Description page.

3. Citation - CMIP5 References page.

4. The IPCC/CMIP5 AR5 schedule .

5. The CMIP5 Data Reference Syntax (DRS) and Controlled Vocabulary- the common naming system to be used in files, directories, metadata and URLs to identify datasets. See also a summary of controlled vocabulary for the CMIP5 / IPCC5 project, derived from the DRS specification.

6. CMIP5 Model output requirements for structure, format and metadata CMIP5_output_metadata_requirements.pdf .

7. The ocean variables list is in a document prepared by the Working Group on Ocean Model Development, Griffies et al., 2009: "Sampling Physical Ocean Fields in WCRP CMIP5 Simulations"

8. CMOR2 Users Guide.

9. "Towards new Scenarios for Analysis of Emissions, Climate Change, Impacts and Response Starategies. IPCC Expert Meeting Report. Sept. 2007.

10. "Work plan for data exchange between the Integrated Assessment and Climate Modeling community in support of Phase-0 of scenario analysis for climate change assessment (Representative Community Pathways). Detlef P. van Vuuren, Johannes Feddema, Jean-Francois Lamarque, Keywan Riahi, Steven Rose, Steve Smith, Kathy Hibbard

11. The RPC White Paper about past 2100 scenarios from IAM group.

12. The Modeling Groups and their Terms of Use.