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28 Mar 2013

Update to Official Model Names document: (28 Mar 2013) cmip5_data_reference_Appendix1-1.pdf .

28 Mar 2013

Current version of Data Reference Syntax document: (13 Jun 2012) cmip5_data_reference_syntax.pdf (v1.3).

21 Nov 2012


The deprecated ESGF gateway ( was shut doen permanently on 11/20/2012. Please use instead.

29 Sep 2012


The new ESGF peer-to-peer (P2P) enterprise system ( is now the official site for CMIP5 model output. The old gateway ( will remain active and output from all models will continue to be available. Please send e-mail to to report bugs and provide feedback.

12 Jan 2012

The standard_output.pdf document listing requested model output was updated, the current version is from 12 Jan 2012. To see other formats of this document (xsl and xslx) and to track the changes to the document go to Output Requirements page.

5 Dec 2011

WCRP Workshop on CMIP5 Model Analysis to be held 5-9 March 2012 in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

Abstract submission is now open, with deadline 14 December, 2011.

Attendance is limited by the size of the venue (approx. 150 people) and format of workshop. Participation will be invitation-only based on abstracts that are selected for presentation.

All details and update information can be found at

The workshop is organized by the WCRP/CLIVAR Working Group on Coupled Models (WGCM) and is hosted by the International Pacific Research Center (IPRC) at the University of Hawaii. The workshop will consist of a series of half-day sessions. Each session will begin with presenters in that session given three minutes to show no more than one slide summarizing the main conclusion; the rest of the half day session will consist of viewing the posters of that session.

Criteria: Abstract acceptance will be based on priority given to at least the following criteria:

  • 1. Multi-model CMIP5 analyses aiming to physically interpret robust behavior and/or inter-model differences based on basic principles, theories and/or through a hierarchy of models (or model configurations) of different complexities
  • 2. The program committee will attempt to achieve a balance of results from the various experiment types from CMIP5
  • 3. To demonstrate that your analysis has already begun, you are encouraged to include a description of your preliminary analysis so far, and any conclusions supported by it
- November 15 2011 - Abstract submission opens
- December 14 2011 - Deadline for abstract submission
- End December 2011 - Notification of accepted abstracts

Jul 2011

Updates to data availability page.

13 Jul Apr 2011

New data available:

  • Model: CSIRO-M-3-6-0
    Experiments: piControl, amip, midHolocene, 1pctCO2, abrupt4xCO2,sstClim, sstClim4xCO2, sstClimAerosol, sstClimSulfate, historicalAnt, historicalAA, historicalGHG multi-ensemble datasets are now available to all users from the NCI Gateway
    Institution: CSIRO-QCCCE (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation and the Queensland Climate Change Centre of Excellence)
    Link: (the data has not yet been replicated to PCMDI)

23 Mar 2011

Updates to data availability page, there are currently 2 models CMIP5 data output to download.

22 Jan 2011

The Experiment Design paper was updated, the latest version is from 22 Jan 2011. To see the changes to the document go to Experiment Design page.

07 Jan 2011

Model output requirements for structure, format and metadata ( new version - 07 Jan 2011 ) CMIP5_output_metadata_requirements.pdf .

24 Nov 2010

New gridded CO2 emisison datasets are now available (Nov 2010). See Forcing Data page for details.

18 Nov 2010

The additioinal AC&C/SPARC ozone RCP 6.0 scenario is now available! (Nov 2010). See Forcing Data page for details.

15 Sep 2010

The Guide for Modeling Groups - Getting Started was updated ( getting_started.pdf ).

14 June 2010

The final version of CMOR 2.0 release is now available, download CMOR.

20 May 2010

The IPCC/CMIP5 AR5 schedule is now available (also in pdf).

25 Mar 2010


New Data (25 Mar 2010) !

The future part of the AC&C/SPARC ozone database covering the period 2010 to 2100 is now available. See Modeling Info, Forcing Data page for details.

14 Jan 2010

The final emissions data for all the RCPs needed to drive most CMIP5 simulations are now available through links from the forcing data page. The final emissions data is identified by the version number v1_21_12_2009.

08 Dec 2009

The emissions and concentration data needed to drive most CMIP5 simulations are now available through links from the forcing data page.

24 Sep 2009

There is a new release of the AC&C/SPARC ozone data from 24 Sep 2009.

03 Sep 2009

The latest release of the AC&C/SPARC ozone data from 24 Aug 2009 was recalled.

31 Aug 2009

Gridded historical and RCP emissions scenario database

This data is supposed to be the same as the previously announced RCP data (see, but it is provided on a grid and in a different format.

Download this data from:

31 Aug 2009

Land-use data

The Land-use Harmonization project is preparing a harmonized set of land-use scenarios that smoothly connects historical reconstructions of land-use based on HYDE data, with future projections based on the Integrated Assessment Model (IAM) implementations of the RCPs. Fractional land-use patterns and underlying land-use transitions are being provided annually for the time period 1500-2100 at 0.5° x 0.5° resolution while minimizing differences at the transition between the historical reconstruction ending conditions and IAM initial conditions, and working to preserve the future changes depicted by the IAMs at the grid level. The land use data is available at: .

28 Jul 2009

The RPC White Paper about past 2100 scenarios from IAM group. if you have comments please sent them to Jerry ( by August 12 and he will collect and forward them to the IAM groups.