Active AMIP Diagnostic Subprojects

Proposals to establish AMIP II Diagnostic Subprojects will be posted below as they are finalized.  Many AMIP I diagnostic subprojects will remain active in AMIP II, and the numbering scheme will be the same for these (i.e., the first 26 Diagnostic Subproject are a continuation from AMIP I, in some cases with new leaders, and in others denoted as inactive).

There is no deadline for submitting proposals for diagnostic research, but approval will be limited to those focusing on topics not addressed by existing subprojects. Additionally, PCMDI will routinely compute many standard diagnostics with each new AMIP simulation, and it is therefore expected that the Diagnostic Subprojects will focus on increasingly advanced analysis.  Please refer for submission guidelines for further information.

Approved AMIP II Diagnostic Subprojects

(last update August 2001)

    For further information, contact the AMIP Project Office (