A Guide to CMIP6 Participation

Karl E. Taylor, Sebastien Denvil, Paul J. Durack, Michael Lautenschlager, Martina Stockhause, Dean Williams and many others

This guide is a “living” document, which will be augmented and updated as needed. It is sub-divided into three parts distinguished by the groups served:

Here are links to the parts of the guide.

For CMIP6 participating climate modelers:

  1. Requirements and expectations
  2. Experiment design
  3. Forcing data sets
  4. Model output fields
  5. Model output requirements
  6. Software for preparing/checking output
  7. Archiving/publishing output
  8. Documentation process
  9. CMIP6 organization and governance

For CMIP6 ESGF data node managers and operators:

  1. Installation and configuration
  2. Preparation for publication
  3. Dataset publication and retraction
  4. Errata and data versioning

For Users of CMIP6 model output:

  1. Experiment design
  2. Model output specifications
  3. Accessing model output
  4. Terms of use and citation requirements
  5. Model and experiment documentation
  6. Reporting suspected errors
  7. Registering published work based on CMIP6
  8. CMIP6 organization and governance
Document version: 13 February 2019