We offer an installation for Anaconda users under linux-64 or osx-64. Support for Windows is not available yet.

All Platforms System Requirements#

  • Install the Anaconda package (we recommend installing this for each user)

  • Alternatives include Miniconda or Miniforge/Mambaforge

  • If using Anaconda or Miniconda, we recommend also installing mamba for better performance

  • Make sure anaconda is in your PATH (assuming anaconda is installed in ${HOME}/anaconda
    • export PATH=${HOME}/anaconda/bin:${PATH} # for [ba]sh

    • setenv PATH ${HOME}/anaconda/bin:${PATH} # for [t]csh

Make sure you have no environment variables set from an old UV-CDAT installation in your PATH/PYTHONPATH,LD_LIBRARY_PATH etc

Install PMP using conda/mamba#

You can install the PCMDI Metrics package from the PCMDI conda-forge channel. For the best performance, use mamba. For faster installation without mamba, specify versions of python and pcmdi_metrics.

Create a new virtual environment and install PMP
  • Using mamba
    • mamba create -n [YOUR_CONDA_ENVIRONMENT] -c conda-forge pcmdi_metrics

  • Using conda
    • conda create -n [YOUR_CONDA_ENVIRONMENT] -c conda-forge python=[VERSION] pcmdi_metrics=[VERSION]

    • e.g. conda create -n pcmdi_metrics -c conda-forge python=3.10 pcmdi_metrics=3.0.1

  • Using conda (alternative)
    • conda create -n [YOUR_CONDA_ENVIRONMENT]

    • conda activate [YOUR_CONDA_ENVIRONMENT]

    • conda install -c conda-forge python=[VERSION] pcmdi_metrics=[VERSION]

  • (Another alternative) Install PMP in the current (or existing) virtual environment
    • Using mamba: mamba install -c conda-forge pcmdi_metrics

    • or using conda: conda install -c conda-forge pcmdi_metrics

To learn more about conda environments see:

Note for Apple Silicon M1 or M2:

The CDAT dependency is not available for this architecture, so you will need to create an environment using x86 builds. This article from Towards Data Science has more information about managing Conda environments on Apple Silicon chips.

CONDA_SUBDIR=osx-64 conda create -n [YOUR_CONDA_ENVIRONMENT] -c conda-forge python=[VERSION]
conda config --env --set subdir osx-64
mamba install -c conda-forge pcmdi_metrics or conda install -c conda-forge pcmdi_metrics=[VERSION]

Bypassing firewalls (optional)#

If your institution has tight ssl certificate/security issues try before installing PMP:
  • conda config --set ssl_verify False

  • binstar config --set ssl_verify False