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  • Efforts to revamp obs4MIPs in 2022 are in full swing, including approaches to advance the provenance of dataset preparation and to improve their availability.

    In addition to the version control of obs4MIPs products, codes used to make these data obs4MIPs compliant will now be maintained in a Github repository. This will make preparation of obs4MIPs data more transparent, and provide examples that can be leveraged for the preparation of newer products. The digital trail of dataset prepartion will be especially helpful in cases where there has been additional processing of the original data (e.g., averaging in space or time).

    A current emphasis of obs4MIPs is to further strengthen the data standards that are closely aligned with CMIP. While it is expected that the availability of obs4MIPs products via ESGF will continue to grow, solidifying the foundation provided by the data specifications will broaden possible applications. For example, obs4MIPs compliant datasets may be prepared in support of established model evaluation capabilities (e.g., Coordinated Model Evaluation Capabilities and ESMValTool) and made accessible via alternate delivery systems). Making datasets obs4MIPs compliant when used for certain journal publications could also help community efforts to support improvde provenance.

    Work in progress